Ever since the choir classes were removed from the Musicology curriculum, Study Association Hucbald has organised a Remembrance Day concert in Utrecht on May 4th, the Dutch day of national remembrance. This project was first realised in 2009. Nowadays it is a recurring part of the Remembrance Day services in Utrecht. This year, however, because of the the concert will take place on the 25th of June due to the choir restrictions concerning the coronavirus. Hucbald’s Remembrance committee has the honour to organise this project every year. They arrange for funding and sponsorships, take care of the orchestra and organise all the rehearsals. The choir consists for the largest part of inexperienced singers, there are no starting requirements and everyone is welcome! Nevertheless, we succeed every year in putting together a performance of high musical quality that is also very expressive. In previous years the requiems of Cherubini, Mozart, Duruflé, Saint-Saëns, Verdi and Fauré have been performed. In 2019, we performed the extraordinary piece A Child of our Time, by composer Michael Tippett. This year the musical program consists of a variety of English choir music, ranging from Renaissance and Baroque composed pieces from Henry Purcell and Orlando Gibbons, to compositions from more recent composers such as Herbert Howells and Edmund Rubbra.

Due to the corona measures, the rehearsals will be a bit different compared to previous years. The choir will be split into two groups; group A and B.
Evening rehearsals will take place on Friday from 17:00 till 19:00 on Zoom, and from April onwards in the Josephkerk in Utrecht. Every participant pays a contribution of 25 euros.

Note: Registration is still possible for tenors and basses

You can sign up to participate in the choir for this year here: